Masahiro Yukawa – Courses

Professor, Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Keio University, JAPAN
      Undergraduate course
      - Mathematics for Electrical Engineering (Fall, 2021-)

      - Complex Analysis (Spring, 2013-)

      Graduate course
      - Advanced Signal Processing (Spring, 2015-)

      --- PAST ---

      Undergraduate course
      - Linear circuits (April--July, 2010, 2011, 2012)

      Graduate course
      - Adaptive filtering based on projection method (October--February, 2010, 2011)

      Outside the university
      - Adaptive Signal Processing Based on Fixed Point Theory and Its Applications, Lecture for junior students in Dept. of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Keio University, Japan, June 20, 2011.

    1. Short course "Adaptive filtering based on projection method", Tampere Doctoral Programme in Information Science and Engineering (TISE), Department of Signal Processing, Tampere University of Technology, Finland (August 20--24, 2012)

    2. Projection and Signal Processing, Lecture for sophomore students in Dept. of Electrical Engineering, KAIST, Korea (April 4, 2011)

    3. Short course "Adaptive filtering based on projection method",
      Elite Master Study Course (Systems of Information and Multimedia Technology)
      , University of Erlangen Nuremberg and Technical University of Munich, Germany (December 6--8, 2010)

      [Lecture Notes] PDF: A printable version is available upon request

      Remark : The highlight of the course is Lecture 5, the unified analysis of various adaptive filtering algorithms based on Fixed Point Theory, related to the expertise of the lecturer. Lectures 1 to 4 play a supporting role to access Lecture 5. Please be aware that the way of this course is quite different from that of the standard textbooks of adaptive filtering.

    4. Introduction to Adaptive Filtering Based on Projection Method, Winter School on Neuroinformatics ---Brain Visual and Auditory Information Processing, Sogang University, Seoul: Korea (January 29-30, 2009).