Masahiro Yukawa – Research Topics

Professor, Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering, Keio University, JAPAN
Aim: Break the tradeoffs (in adaptive filtering algorithms) among
(1) Convergence/Tracking Capability
(2) Computational Complexity
(3) Robustness.

I have been working on the following two adaptive filtering paradigms:

  1. Krylov-Proportionate Adaptive Filtering
    Key: Sparsify the optimal filter by means of Krylov subspace
    [Basic Idea & Key References]

  2. Set-Theoretic Adaptive Filtering (established by Prof. Isao Yamada, my Ph.D. supervisor)
    (1) Characterize the optimal filter as a point in the intersection of multiple data-dependent closed convex sets.
    (2) Find a point in the intersection by iterative use of parallel subgradient projections.

  3. [My Contributions]

    The set-theoretic adaptive filtering is based on "Fixed Point Theory" and "Convex Functional Analysis"; the following are the key references:

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