My Contributions on Set-Theoretic Adaptive Filtering

Summary of My Contributions:

During my Ph.D. course, I have developed several techniques based on the set-theoretic adaptive filtering, and applied them to acoustic and communication systems (see Ph.D. Thesis [6]). To be precise, I have proposed the following:

    1. Simultaneous Use of Multiple State Data for Stereo Acoustic Echo Cancellation [1]

    2. Embedded Constraint Parallel Projection Techniques for linearly constrained adaptive filtering [2]
           ♦ Application to CDMA Wireless Communication Systems (High data-rate wireless communication for multiple users in CDMA system) [2]
           ♦ Application to Adaptive Beamforming and showed situations in which the method is particularly useful [5]

    3. Optimal Weight-Designing Strategy named "Pairwise Optimal WEight Realization (POWER)" [3]
           ♦ Application to Stereo Acoustic Echo Cancellation (High quality stereophonic acoustic telecommunication systems) [4]

    4. Adaptive Parallel Quadratic-Metric Projection Techniques [7]
           ♦ Application to Acoustic Echo Cancellation

Key Papers:
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